Monday, December 6, 2010

The Genius of Design - episode 2: "Design for living"

After the industrial revolution, machines have been a principle of manufactured new creations. Between 1919 to the 30's, a design school which looked far more like an industrial than original school called Bauhaus was founded by Walter Gropius. The center focused on new thinking and creation. The school content all kind of designs. The idea was constructors, pain artists and designer should learing from each other. The Bauhaus stood for the modernism and revolute to Art Nouveau.

Le Corbusier from Bauhaus went one step further as functionalism and designed buildings with flexibility and functional of habitat. His idea was open space planning and changeable to fit the users. However, some meant that his buildings were too open and communicated which lack of privacy for a living space.

Modernism defined as reflection of modern age and set down the barriers of creating principles. For instance a modern chair or furniture might not be the most comfortable or functional, but it is well-known because it was created in a different way. 

In 1932, the Bauhaus closed down, and Le Corbusier tried to bring in the modernism to America, it was too late because the American designs were more centered in capitalism and consumerism. A good example of machine for living and design was the recreational vehicle, Airstream Trailer, created by Hawley Bowlus in 1933. It was well received from the marketing and living. 

What designers had created earlier gave good results to present designs for living, and appeals to the habitation standard. 

The Genius of Design - episode 1: "Industrial Revolution - Ghost in the machine"

In this short documentary movie, it gave us an explanation of what is the meaning to be a designer and to design. The movie summarized the historic of design industry from the 18th century and up to present. Before the revolution, most of the design was hand-made and crafted by craftsmen compare to present design which most of them are manufactured by machines. 

Some designers say that human acted like machine before the revolution, but now the machine acts like human and mass product into quality. Although the technical manufacturing became widely, the ideology of design still remain as it is; good design should be honest, useful, innovative, and long-lived.

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